The Finals Stats
Stats Tracker App for The Finals
Windows/Steam only
Share your character with everyone in social networks
Create profile stats card with your skins and cosmetic items. Choose your favorite class, loadout and specialization. You can select from many different styles to create stats card. Share it with your friends or with everyone in social networks.
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Designed to comply with The Finals Fair Play guidelines
Safe Approach
With respect to Guidelines from The Finals Developers: No hacking, no traffic interception, no manipulations with anti-cheat, no usage of a hidden or sensitive data
Naked Eye
The App only uses the game data that is visible to the player on the game screen so the same calculations can also be done just simply by using pen and paper
No Unfair Advantage
App does not change the gameplay experience in any sense while provides a useful player progress data with general profile stats and post-match analytics
Track classes stats in The Finals
Track Stats for each class in The Finals. Define how your playstyle is dependant on Classes playstyle. Compare your Combat, Support and Objective points to adjust your in-game decisions. Track your KDA ratio for each class
Track ranked stats separately from Fast Play Modes
Split your stats by Fast-Play public games and highly competitive tournament matches. Track Ranked stats in The Finals with fame changes graph and details for every match
Track matches details in The Finals
Closed the in-game scoreboard after the match so you couldn not return to it later? This is not a problem with our The Finals Stats tracking app. Track every round and save every scoreboard of your matches to review them at any time later. Review and analyze your performance or share your results with friends
Compare your stats with teammates and opponents
What is your contribution to the victory? Do your teammates perform more support roles and tasks while you play for Battle Points? Do you need to change your playstyle to better suit your teammates? Analyze the comparison of key metrics to adjust your playing style and win more
And many more
Track Teammates
Track every teammate and friend performance to define their impact on your team victory. Choose the best teammates or help them to play better by comparing their main metrics or combat, support and objective points
Track Combinations
Define your best team combinations by classes. Is it better to play with H+M+M? Are Light class is too weak in Ranked matches or having only one Light is even better? Find out with list of combinations in your matches and their winrate
Track every mode
Playstyle and goals are different in every mode. Whether you play for fun or compete in ranked tournaments, you can still determine your playstyle and performance for each game mode
Windows/Steam only